On behalf of our family office clients, we manage a pool of capital dedicated to the following investment strategies:

Private Equity (Direct Investments)

Our mandate is to invest in great companies that are slightly below the traditional size thresholds for lower middle market private equity firms. Some things we look for:

  • Highest level of integrity in the founders and executive team

  • History of healthy margins and positive cash flow

  • Significant stability and predictability of revenue due to reoccurring or repeat customers, long-term contracts, backlog, etc.

  • An opportunity to contribute at the board level and through value-added consulting services

  • Founders and/or management who want to remain invested in the long-term future of the business


We also deploy family office capital into carefully selected deals that have been led and underwritten by a group of trusted sponsors/managers in the following asset classes:

- Private Equity (Buyout & Growth Capital)

- Private Debt/ Mezzanine Financing

- Real Estate (Equity & Debt)